used industrial diesel engines

Used Industrial Diesel Engines

There are numerous used industrial diesel engines still in excellent working condition for sale. With over 80 engine brands in store, it is one of the largest collections of diesel engines. Before the sale, each engine undergoes routine maintenance to ensure it is fit for re-use. Besides sales, the company also repairs and buys used industrial engines, and offers quality control services.

used industrial diesel engines

Used Engine Brands for Sale


  • 6M 19.3 – it has a 450 HP and 1800 RPM.
  • 6M 26.2 – it is a 500 HP diesel engine with 1800 RPM, a 14″ flywheel, and a water-cooled exhaust system. Its total weight is 1785kgs.
  • 6M 26.3 – with a 660 HP and 1800 RPM, this diesel engine runs on a dry turbo with a mechanical governor. It has a 14″ flywheel and weighs 185kgs.


  • DI14-73M – it is a 461 HP and 1800 RPM. It has a mechanical governor and weighs 1600kgs.
  • DI12-70M – has a 350-450 HP with 1800 RPM. It has an electrical governor, a water-cooled exhaust system, and weighs 1500kg.
  • DSI-14-40 – a 500 HP, 2100RPM with a mechanical governor. It weighs 1400kgs.

Detroit Diesel

  • 16V-92TA – 830 HP with 1800 RPM. It has a water-cooled exhaust system and turbo, and weighs 2799kgs.
  • 8V-71 TA – it has a 305 HP and 1800 RPM. The governor is mechanically powered and weighs 1500kgs.

Other used industrial diesel engines brands include-





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