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Used Buses

The search for a second-hand bus/used bus can be a frustrating chore to many individuals. This is because the market is flooded with con men and fake brokers. Luckily, if you are looking to get yourself a used bus for your school organization or any other purpose, then you are in luck. Here is an article on the kind of used buses you should consider purchasing and why you should opt for them

Solaris Urbino 12 (2007|EURO4|3-DOORS|14 UNITS)

The first vehicle at our disposal is the Solaris Urbino 12 is a 2007 model of the Urbino EURO4 model. The Solaris Urbino 12 is a silent yet exceptional bus with a modern design. Further, this bus is designed with a low floor and has an automatic transmission. As a result, these features curve the edge of bus innovation, hence improving its operation and movement within urban centers.

As if that is not enough, the vehicle has 3 doors, thus ensuring ease of boarding and alighting the vehicle. Also, this vehicle is spacious and has 14 units, hence guaranteeing ease of movement and maximized comfort.

used buses


If you are looking for a luxurious and modern way to travel, then the VDL BOVA MAGIQ is the bus for you. The VDL BOVA MAGIQ runs on diesel and has an automated engine, thus ensuring a smooth transmission. To spice things up, this bus has an engine displacement of 12.902 ccs and a 653cm wheelbase.

Additionally, the bus comes with a tone of customizations such as luggage compartments, seat belts trash cans, among others. As such, this makes long-distance travel as refreshing and entertaining as possible. This bus is ideal for organizations and institutions with more than 50 staff members. Ideally, it can also serve businesses offering long-distance travel services.

Temsa Prestij (NEW | EURO 6 | 2 UNITS)

Another bus to consider is the Temsa Prestij is a prestigious model from the Tesma EURO 6 series. The Euro has a 150 hp power and an engine displacement of 3.000cc. On the same note, this bus comes with air suspensions; both fitted on the rear and front parts of the bus.

In terms of customization, this bus has electric roof hatches, radio CD and a board computer. Further, this bus is customized with three doors, one for the driver and two for the passengers, Last but not least, this bus is ideal for tourists and hotels looking forward to offering tour guide services. Also, this 2018 bus can serve mini-insinuations looking forward to cutting their transport expenditure.

used buses

Volvo 7700 HYBRID (EURO 5|2011|AIRCO)

If you are planning to go big, then Volvo 7700 Hybrid is the bus for you. The 2011 model has three doors minus the driver and is spacious enough to accommodate more passengers. Further, It consumes diesel and has an engine displacement of 5.000cc. On the same note, this bus is stocked with the D5F215 engine and has an automatic transmission. Also, it has 2 axles and an axle configuration of 4×2

Ideally, this gigantic bus is suitable for conquering city transport and can as well be used for freight transport. Lastly, this bus has a beautiful shade of blue, green orange, and a primary color white.

Advantages of reconditioned buses

Buying a used bus over a new one serves numerous advantages, these include: –

  • Buying a refurbished bus saves money

Buying a reconditioned bus will save you money. A reconditioned bus comes at a cheaper cost compared to a brand-new bus. Reconditioned buses are subjected to depreciation rates. Depreciation rates are subjected to vehicles immediately after they are driven from the showroom. For this reason, reconditioned that the bus can be obtained for a third of its price or less

  • Refurbished buses are available in different models

Aside from saving you money, buying used buses offers one a wider variety of buses to choose from. If you were to google the internet for “used buses,” then you will come up with an endless of refurbished buses. However, if you were to search for a specific brand of a new model, then chances are 50/50 that you’ll find the model you are looking for. If a producer stops manufacturing a specific model, then the model becomes unavailable.

used buses

The bottom line

Coming across reconditioned buses is not easy. However, with the above models to consider, then there is no way you can go wrong.