December 4, 2021

Setting up a business in Netherlands, Know the Details

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Because of the Covid-19 situation, establishing a Dutch firm is now simpler. You can get your remote legalization, company setup and bank account application done with ease which saves your time, effort and cost of having to legalize your documents.

If you have been thinking of setting up a business in the Netherlands, then you are not the first person to think about it. However, it is definitely a smart decision to make. The Dutch offer several benefits for aspiring foreign businessmen. This has created a surge of foreigners wanting to invest here. Some of the reasons why you should also think about it are:

·         Holland offers the lowest tax rates in Europe, commencing from 15%.

·         There is no VAT for transactions between the EU states.

·         Holland provides the biggest number of treaties to avoid double tax globally.

·         Dutch companies have a known reputation in international e-commerce.

·         Over 90% of the population speak English and another second language too.

·         It offers a skilled and educated labor force.

·         The Netherlands offers an amazing and inventive global business environment.

·         The country welcomes entrepreneurs from across the world.

Monetary and Economic Opportunities

The Netherlands has been ranked as the fifth most competitive and inventive nation in the world by the World Economic Forum. So, if you are looking forward to establishing a Dutch firm, then Netherlands offers you endless opportunities:

·         The European Single Market permits you to import and export goods and services freely all across the EU.

·         It has Schiphol and Rotterdam port to help you connect your business to the whole world.

·         The Netherlands is a major member of the EU which makes your company solid and reliable.

·         Because of its great infrastructural position, the Netherlands holds the 20th position of the biggest economy in the world.

Who can establish a business in the Netherlands?

In general, anyone can establish a Dutch firm. However, the process for residency in the nation differs as per your home country. It depends on whether you are an EEA, EU or Swiss citizen or a Non-EU citizen. The EU, EEA and Swiss citizens don’t need to apply for a residency permit. But, if you are a non-EU, then you need to follow the Dutch immigration rules to get a residence permit.

Establishing a Dutch firm

You don’t need to physically travel to the Netherlands to start a company. You and the shareholders can authorize a consultant company to act on your behalf. Actions like getting a bank account can be done from a distance too.

Step 1: Check the availability of your chosen company name.

Step 2: Preparation of the documents for business formation which is sent back to you for signing. Then the documents are sent back to the consultant company.

Step 3: The registration procedure is initiated. A notary will sign the deed of incorporation and submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. You get your registration number.Then you gradually get your VAT number and processes like opening a bank account are carried out. During all this stage, your consultant will be with you. Intercompany Solutions is one of the best consultant companies to seek help while starting a company in the Netherlands. Visit this website for a consultation.

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