How can you keep fruit and vegetables fresh for as long as possible?

Fruit and vegetables are very healthy for you and it is therefore recommended to eat at least two pieces of fruit and 200 grams of vegetables per day. It is therefore important that you stock up on fruit and vegetables. But how can you best store them for as long as possible, without them going bad? We would like to give you some tips on how to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for as long as possible. So read on!

Do not store fruit and vegetables together

It’s easy to put a bowl of fruit and vegetables in the house or reserve a separate shelf in the fridge for them. However, this is not very sensible as it accelerates the ripening process. This can mean premature spoilage of fruit and vegetables, which is exactly what you don’t want!

Fresh from the market or supermarket

Most people buy their fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. This is where the fruits and vegetables are exported to in cool containers. This way, the food arrives at its destination fresh and chilled. Therefore, you can assume that this food is of good quality. At the market, the fruits and vegetables are also fresh, but they cannot be refrigerated as easily. So when you buy fruit and vegetables, make sure they are fresh and you don’t see any rotten spots in between.

Inside or outside the fridge

It is also important that when you put the vegetables in the refrigerator, you do not put them too close together. In addition, it is important that the packaging of the food has holes, so that enough oxygen can enter. You can also remove the packaging. Furthermore, it is better not to store fruit in the refrigerator but in the room in a dark and not humid place.

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