De Honda Goldwing serie

The Goldwing series of Honda is one that was set up in the year 1975. With the Goldwing they wanted to release a heavy motorcycle, using a water-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine. In addition, a fuel pump was used and the fuel tank was placed under the seat. The space previously used as a fuel tank on motorcycles, between the seat and the steering head, on the Goldwing provided space for electronics, air filter, on-board tools and a radiator expansion tank. The secondary drive became a cardan shaft, and the electrical system was done in 12 volts, so that car accessories could be used. The prototype was presented at a motor show in Cologne in 1974.

This model became extremely popular in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Japan.



The first model of the Goldwing was the GL1000. This model was also called the naked bike and was delivered from 1975 to 1979. It took quite a long time before Honda could supply suitcases for the Goldwing itself, so that it was used as a touring bike.


Then came the GL1100, which was delivered from 1980 to 1983, a model that, apart from a slightly larger displacement, offered improved suspension and electronic ignition. Because this motorcycle was used all over the world as the first touring motorcycle, the GL1100 was delivered with fairing, side cases and top case. As a result, the term naked bike was dropped to the Interstate version. All naked models were now called GL1000 standard.

How to keep your Honda Holdwing in good shape?

If you want to keep your old Goldwing in optimal condition, it is advisable to maintain it well. An old motorcycle also requires a lot of love and attention. If you need Goldwing parts, we can recommend that you also replace them immediately.