• used industrial diesel engines

    Used Industrial Diesel Engines

    There are numerous used industrial diesel engines still in excellent working condition for sale. With over 80 engine brands in store, it is one of the largest collections of diesel engines. Before the sale, each engine undergoes routine maintenance to ensure it is fit for re-use. Besides sales, the company also repairs and buys used industrial engines, and offers quality control services. Used Engine Brands for Sale Baudouin 6M 19.3 – it has a 450 HP and 1800 RPM. 6M 26.2 – it is a 500 HP diesel engine with 1800 RPM, a 14″ flywheel, and a water-cooled exhaust system. Its total weight is 1785kgs. 6M 26.3 – with a…

  • small outdoor daybed

    Picking the Right Small Outdoor Daybed

    Small outdoor daybed are growing in popularity and are here to stay. They make some cosy hangout spots, either by yourself or with some company. Eventually, you can’t resist falling asleep in them. They are the ideal vessels for lying back, relaxing, and savouring being outside. Here is everything you need to look out for when selecting an excellent outdoor daybed. Functionality The small outdoor daybed should provide a comfortable sitting posture. It should have simple movement to transform per your liking quickly. You might want to lay back and relax or sit up and read a book. The best daybeds will have a stainless steel frame and an ergonomic…

  • used buses

    Used Buses

    The search for a second-hand bus/used bus can be a frustrating chore to many individuals. This is because the market is flooded with con men and fake brokers. Luckily, if you are looking to get yourself a used bus for your school organization or any other purpose, then you are in luck. Here is an article on the kind of used buses you should consider purchasing and why you should opt for them Solaris Urbino 12 (2007|EURO4|3-DOORS|14 UNITS) The first vehicle at our disposal is the Solaris Urbino 12 is a 2007 model of the Urbino EURO4 model. The Solaris Urbino 12 is a silent yet exceptional bus with a…

  • universal hardness tester

    Why is the universal hardness tester the best?

    A universal hardness tester is a fantastic machine that you can find in the market today. But what is the device used for in our industries? Since material testing involves large companies and equipment, the scale of this work is enormous. Therefore, material testing requires high-quality equipment to test the composition of each mineral. The mark of quality is that a generous warranty program must back it. The company undergoing the procedure must be supported by well-trained and experienced personnel of calibration and service engineers. Material testing tools Several tools and equipment fall under the umbrella of material testing. One of these tools is the universal hardness tester. This tool…

  • nt2 course amsterdam

    More about the nt2 course in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam residents mainly speak English. They are very fluent in one or two languages apart from English. You may be hearing some residents speaking in the Dutch language; however, this is not very common. You may want to learn nt 2 course Amsterdam, but you may not know where to start. At the culmination of this article, you will have been familiar with the institutions on how you can learn the nt 2 course. Steps to follow when applying for the nt2 course in Amsterdam Various institutions in Amsterdam offer the nt 2 course. One of the institutions is the Virje Universiteit(VU) in Amsterdam. You will only be required to…

  • Company

    A sheet metal deburring machine from a high quality

    Q-fin Quality Finishing developed a sheet metal deburring machine from a high quality. We are specialized in developing, building and selling deburring and grounding machines. All our deburring machines are designed and developed at our own company by a team of experts. Prevent your products and your machines Even you can’t see all burrs and sharps, they still can damage your products and your machines. By using a sheet metal deburring machine, you prevent your products and your machines from damage. Integrating this deburring machine into your production process leads to a more faster, safer, effective and efficient production. A sheet metal deburring machine is the best and most affordable…